Block by Block

One of our favourite Christmas presents this year was a brick! Given to us by a friend who found it in the foundations of a workshop in Northumberland a few days before Christmas. It was in the base of a small foundry. Dave pulled the whole lot our, a whole skip full but only 4 of them had an F & L marking. Fenton & Lane brick works was operating in Durham in the 1880s. The place it was found in was built in 1893 so we think it's fair to say the brick is around 100 yrs old. There were some lovely words from Dave with the brick; "A brick is one tiny part of someones great dream. One handy hand full of wishes built wish on wish, block on block, dream on dream. This brick comes from a workshop foundation, a single wish of a bigger dream of a man, that fed him and his son for 80 years. I hope that as it's new owners it brings you guys 80 years of support and success".  

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