In cahoots with…..

You may have noticed that collaborations are pretty popular between breweries these days. They're a great opportunity to hang out with like minded people, talk beer, learn something new, try something new, geek out on; OGs, FGs, attenuation, ingredients, adjuncts…..whatever floats your boat, without too many funny looks. Community is really important to us….it’s a no brainer.   To be honest I don’t like the term 'collaboration', sounds too board room to me but hey…….so we've been brewing ‘in cahoots with’ Stu Brew in Newcastle.    It was an easy choice of partnership for our first ‘in cahoots’ with another brewery. Stu Brew is Europe's first student run micro brewery based at Newcastle University. Red was instrumental in setting this 2.5 barrel (now 7 barrel) brewery up 5/6 years ago when she worked at the university. Check them out at or on the usual social media channels.   We brought down a whole load of Sloes from Northumberland and some raspberries (it’s been a cracking fruit year), the StuBrew team rustled up some coriander seed and salt and we brewed a sloe & raspberry Gose beer - Gose’berry Jam.  Gose beer (actually pronounced ‘goes-uh’ if that stuff bothers you) was originally brewed in Goslar, Germany. It’s a sour beer (yeah it’s meant to taste like that) traditionally with additions of coriander and salt (yes salt!). Look I know how this sounds……sour, coriander, salt… it out, have a taste, we think you’ll be impressed. Plus there’s a whole load of raspberries and sloes in there so surely counts for 2 of your 5 a day!

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