Brewery Open Day

We’re there! After nearly 2 years of cuckoo brewing (using another brewery to brew beer) we finally have a gaff of our own. Our new brew house is in Elsdon, described as the ‘perfect Northumbrian village’ and the historic capital of Redesdale, Northumberland. As you can imagine we’re over the moon to have our own brewery to call home at last and to be brewing behind The Bird in Bush which has been a public house since the 16th century and where beer would have almost certainly have been brewed 100’s of years ago. We’re holding an open day at the brewery on Saturday 12th May from 1pm to 6pm. Please drop in for a ‘tour’ of the new brewery, a chat about what we’re about and enjoy a few pints of F&L at the bar! There will be live music from Anth Purdy (jazz, rockabilly, swing guitar) in the Bird in Bush from 8pm.  

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