So that was 2018....

So that was 2018...what a year! A year ago we were gypsy brewing - using other people's breweries as and when we could. This year we've spent a lot of time filling in forms, looking behind sofas for money, applying for various licences, digging trenches for water & electricity mains. In April 2018 we finally installed our own brewery in Elsdon, Northumberland, viva la F&L!
It's been a great year for F&L brewery; We now have 8 beers in cask and 4 in bottle which have been well received across Northumberland, Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Manchester, London, Wales and even California. Our head brewster won an award for one of her beers (albeit one she brews for another brewery!). We ended the year by featuring on BBC Country File Christmas Special, brewing a Damson Porter with Northumberland damsons. Amazing!
We are so grateful for the support and encouragement of the many many people who have shared this journey with us and who have helped us on our way. Friends, family, funders, landladies, landlords, other brewers, the local community... I could go on... so many people, too numerous to mention by name. A heartfelt, sincere thank you! There's a bit of you in every pint of F&L (not literally, that's a little Sweeney Todd, and breaks many food regulations..... and illegal i'm sure).
Happy New beer!

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