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Award winning….

Award winning…. 1024 768 admin

We’re over the moon to have won 2 awards at the SIBA NE Independent Beer Awards last night. A bronze for our Red Rowan (Irish Red) in cask and silver for our Damson Porter in bottle. Cheers!.

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In cahoots with…..

In cahoots with….. 1024 1024 admin

You may have noticed that collaborations are pretty popular between breweries these days. They’re a great opportunity to hang out with like minded people, talk beer, learn something new, try something new, geek out on; OGs, FGs, attenuation, ingredients, adjuncts…..whatever floats your boat, without too many funny looks. Community is really important to us….it’s a…

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Block by Block

Block by Block 1024 622 admin

One of our favourite Christmas presents this year was a brick! Given to us by a friend who found it in the foundations of a workshop in Northumberland a few days before Christmas. It was in the base of a small foundry. Dave pulled the whole lot our, a whole skip full but only 4…

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So that was 2018….

So that was 2018…. 1024 682 admin

So that was 2018…what a year! A year ago we were gypsy brewing – using other people’s breweries as and when we could. This year we’ve spent a lot of time filling in forms, looking behind sofas for money, applying for various licences, digging trenches for water & electricity mains. In April 2018 we finally…

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Mad Jack Ha’

Mad Jack Ha’ 1024 1024 admin

Mad Jack Ha’ (or Mad Jack Hall) is our session IPA, a little moreish 3.8%er with Mosaic hops. We made a Christmas delivery to this lovely lady, Hazel last week. Was amazed to find out that she’s a descendant of Mad Jack himself!   MJH was born a couple of miles from the brewery at…

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Damson Porter

Damson Porter 746 562 admin

Soon to be arriving in 500ml bottles our Damson Porter. This is a smooth robust porter brewed with Northumberland Damsons. A rich dark chocolate and sweet aromatic malt character is balanced by the distinctive tang of ripe damsons (4.8% ABV). Available to pre-order in the website shop.

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BBC Country File

BBC Country File 860 960 admin

Surreal but very enjoyable day spent filming in and around the brewery with Steve Fletcher for BBC Country File Christmas special. Started at 7.45am feeding cows spent grain, brewed our new Damson Porter and ended up in the Bird in Bush Pub singing Christmas Carols with John Craven! The filming was for the Christmas Special airing…

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F&L Bottles

F&L Bottles 1024 771 admin

We pleased to be able to offer 3 of our core beers in 500ml bottles; EQUINOX (PALE ALE) – 4.1% A hoppy session pale ale packed with New World (Citra) hops for a refreshing citrusy aroma and flavour. REIVER (BITTER) – 4.2% A classic best bitter with a fruity aroma and flavour. Made with British malt and hops. STELL (STOUT) –…

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Brew Stories

Brew Stories 775 621 admin

We had a great (if rather chilly) morning chatting beer and brewing with Dean and Rich from Brew Stories. Clip the link below to watch the video of our little chat.

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Assured Independent

Assured Independent 1024 576 admin

There has never been a better time to be a beer drinker in the UK, with more fantastic tasting beer styles being brewed than ever before by a growing number of talented, innovative brewers. However this growth in the independent beer market has not gone unnoticed by the global beer brands, who have begun to…

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