Craft Beer Made With Northumberland

Northumberland Foraged Beers

This range of craft beers are infused with our love for Northumberland. Lockdown forced many of us to slow down and to reconnect with natural spaces. It proved to be the perfect opportunity for us to go back to our home brewing and country wine making roots and experiment with brewing with the fruits and flowers that grow around this area. These beers offer a true taste of Northumberland, each contains at least one ingredient which we have locally sourced or picked ourselves. This means that they vary from year to year depending on the amount of sunlight, temperature, and rainfall we have had over the growing season.

Brewing these beers is about challenging ourselves as brewers; working out when the best time is to pick, the best point to add them in the brewing process & the most appropriate beer style to match the ingredient to. It also means that we get to spend more time exploring rural Northumberland sourcing and picking these ingredients and reduces the environmental impact of the beer itself.

So far we have brewed; Damson / Porter, Gorseflower / Pale, Plum / Belgian, Elderflower / Kolsch, Spruce / Grisette, Elderberry / Dubbel, Hedgerow Fruit / Gose, Elderflower & Meadowsweet / Pale, Spruce / Saison…with many more to come!

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